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The following e-mail was sent to me from the Friends of Tim "Magic" Hughes. It contains the funeral announcement that was held on 2 February in Bangkok for "Magic", additional official statements about Harrier International and other personal affairs of Tim, and the announcement of a Memorial Fund to help pay the medical costs for "Magic". On-on


Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 21:46:08 +0700, updated  27 Jan 1998 11:20:26 +0700 (GMT+0700)
From: Paul Mason (timhhh@mozart.inet.co.th)
Subject: Situation update
To: Beaver Bam Bam Balls (webmaster@harrier.org)

This is the latest information.

We would appreciate you posting this as urgent as funeral arrangements
are listed below.

Thanks again for your help which is greatly appreciated by us Internet
Incompetents here

Harrier International is being posed as the official update page.


Dateline: Bangkok Sunday 25th January.
All dates and times refer to Bangkok, Thailand.



Further to my announcement at the circle on BH3 Run 1073, I have to
confirm the latest news regarding Tim.

Tim "MAGIC" Hughes was admitted semi-conscious into the Lerdsin Hospital

late on Thursday 15th January.  He soon lapsed into unconsciousness and
after initial observation and C.T. Scans was diagnosed as having
suffered a blood clot in the brain.  Tim underwent major surgery on
Saturday 17th and the neurosurgeon's prognosis was optimistic and Tim
showed early signs of a normal recovery. However, on Wednesday his blood
pressure was very high, he had swelling of the brain and had developed
the early signs of pneumonia. Further surgery was performed and the
surgeon was again confident of a full recovery, especially as the
earlier operation was indicating good signs of healing. Tim's condition
deteriorated on Thursday and in the early hours of Friday 23rd, January,
he was pronounced to be brain dead. Body functions continued with the
aid of artificial life support systems but Tim finally passed away at
21-00 hours on Saturday 24th January.

Throughout this time Tony "Ambrose" Erswell was in constant contact with
Tim's family in the UK.

Update of the funeral arrangements comprise Buddhist Prayers followed by
a Catholic burial are as follows:-

Buddhist Ceremony at Wat Kaew Jam Fah, Si Phraya Road, Bangrak, Bangkok.

26-1-98              16-00 hours.    Bathing ceremony in Lustral Waters.
26-1-98 to 1-2-98    19-00 hours.    Buddhist Prayers nightly.
2-2-98               14-00 hours.    Catholic ceremony and burial at the Christian
                                     Cemetery, Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok.

In lieu of wreaths and flowers, a collection fund has been established to
cover Tim's hospital expenses as he had no medical insurance cover.
Today all expenses have been guaranteed by Tony 'Ambrose' Erswell.

Tim "Magic" Hughes established and ran the Harrier International
directory and news magazine. An ad-hoc committee, comprised of Tony
"Ambrose" Erswell, Bob "Bullet" Boulter, Colin "Hema" Snow, Richard "Big
Dick" Ellis, Paul Mason and Neil "Hags" Hutchinson, has been formed to
temporarily take over Tim's affairs including the Harrier International,
finances, personal matters and also to issue news bulletins regarding
the continuation of the Harrier International.
This committee will use Tim's Web page and e-mail address for all
notices and announcements ( and the Bangkok H3 Trash for local members).

Harrier International      http://kanzelmeyer.simplenet.com/hash/HI/

Keeper of the site

Beaver Bam Bam Balls (webmaster@harrier.org)

The committee will be following the Thai tradition of printing a
commemorative book on the life of Tim "Magic" Hughes. All anecdotes,
stories, recollections and photographs are to be sent to the Harrier
International web page or to "Hags" address at the foot of this
Any help in communicating these bulletins on either the web or personal
e-mail correspondence will be greatly appreciated. Matters pertaining to
the Harrier International will be dealt with by the committee pending a
decision as to the future of the directory.

Further to Bulletin 1 issued on Sunday 25th January, please find
attached details of the Fund Account that has been opened by the
Bangkok Hash House Harriers to receive donations towards Tims
medical expenses. I also confirm the final details of the funeral

Details of the fund :-

Account Name -  Neil C Hutchinson
Bank   Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited
SCB Park Plaza
19 Ratchadapisek Road
Bangkok 10900

Account   111-2-11204-0

Where ever possible, when more than one Hasher wishing to contribute,
Hashes should try to consolidate the remittances to Thailand to avoid
excessive repetitive bank commissions on small transactions.
Currency should be either in Thai Baht or US $. Any queries regarding
either the remittances or the use and control of the fund can be sent via
the keeper of the Harrier International web site. Email
webmaster@harrier.org or timhhh@mozart.inet.co.th

It will be remiss of me if I did not close on a personal note and I
think that my thoughts and sentiments at this time will be echoed by
those of many others that had the honour to know Tim -
I was deeply privileged to know "Magic" and to be able to count him
among my friends and to physically have rubbed shoulders with him at the
pub, at the Hash and especially at the On On's where he was really in
his element. Always reminiscing of matters and characters pertaining to
the Hash, of beer and drinking matters, and of course, women, but not
necessarily in that order. Tim was the ultimate Hasher, the very epitome
of what Hashing represented and what gives us so much joy from Hashing-
his humour, his wit, his friendship, his encyclopedic knowledge of the
Hash movement, his many wonderful experiences with which he used to
regale us. Tim is irreplaceable. Tim was unique. Tim was "Magic". I
cannot adequately express how I and all at BH3 will miss him.

Neil "Hags" Hutchinson
Grand Master
Bangkok Hash House Harriers.
378/1 Soi Thanphuyingphahol
Ngamwongwan Road
Bangkok 10900


I am sure that Tim will be in the Thoughts of everyone Tomorrow

Thanks again

Tim's Friends

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