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Latest Updated Info, 16 February

The following e-mail was sent to me from the Friends of Tim "Magic" Hughes. It contains the latest information as updated on 16 February. On-on


Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 11:04:08 +0000
From: Paul Mason (timhhh@mozart.inet.co.th)
Subject: Update - Tim "Magic" Hughes / Harrier International
To: Beaver Bam Bam Balls (webmaster@harrier.org)


To : Beaver Bam Bam Balls

Fm : Neil HAGS Hutchinson



Please post following message to Harrier International Web page for
general information to the Hash community.

Contrary to speculation and rumours circulating on e-mail, I wish to
appraise you all of the situation regarding Tim "Magic" Hughes affairs
and in particular, the situation regarding the future of Harrier


The future of HI publications and management is currently under
discussion between Bangkok Hash House Harriers (BH3) and Mother Hash,
Kuala Lumpur.  It is not expected that any decisions will be reached
until after the 23rd February when Mother Hash will hold its AGM and the
new incoming committee will endeavour to reach a satisfactory agreement
with BH3 soon thereafter.

Meanwhile, all  HI business is continuing as usual under the control of
the ad-hoc BH3 committee established at the time of "Magics" untimely
death.  Beaver Bam Bam Balls, the keeper of the Website, will be
continuing in this capacity with no foreseeable changes.


BH3 advise that correspondence has been discovered among "Magics"
paperwork regarding the non-delivery of HI directories.  Additionally, a
considerable number of cheques in payment of HI directories have not
been banked.

BH3 is unable to provide any explanation as to either of these events
but is instituting the following action :-

(i) All non deposited cheques will be notified to the drawer so that
replacement  MONEY ORDERS  or  BANK DRAFTS  can  be
reissued to the account of

 Siam Commercial Bank p.c.l.
 SCB Park Plaza
 19 Ratchadapisek Road
 Ladyao, Chatuchak
 Bangkok  10900
 Account No. 111-2-11204-0

Please do not send personal cheques due to difficulty in clearing and
the high commissions charged by Thai Banks.

Copies of bank instructions/copies of money order/bank drafts to be
faxed to Neil "HAGS" Hutchinson on 66.2.561.3732 to enable control of
incoming cash.  This is an automatic phone/fax facility.  Upon receipt
of funds HI directories will be immediately dispatched.

(ii)   A considerable number of HI directories had been prepared by
"Magic" but remained unposted.  BH3 have cleared this backlog and
will endeavour to release more in the immediate future once the proofs
of payment have been clarified.

 (iii) Any  correspondence  relating  to non supply of HI publications
should be sent to Neil "HAGS" Hutchinson on the above fax number
quoting full name, address, details of form of payment and date.  We
will acknowledge all correspondence and try to clear outstanding
claims soonest.

As a final note, please try to understand BH3=92s difficult position - as
"Magic" was the sole signatory to some 25 different bank accounts around
the world, BH3 are trying to obtain probates, with the support of
"Mango", to release information on all these accounts. Until this has
been undertaken it will be difficult for BH3 to unravel all of Harrier
International's transactions.

You will be interested to know that BH3 have photographed "Magics" flat
as it is a veritable time-capsule of Hash History.  Many tonnes of
paper, untold 1,000's of letters and correspondence have been
accumulated in piles which appear to be disorganised.  You will be
amazed at the eclectic collection and volume of information that was
available to "Magic".

Best regards & On On

Neil "HAGS" Hutchinson
G.M. Bangkok Hash House Harriers

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