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Magic With Cecil Lee Magic With 'Horse' Thomson
Above: Tim "Magic" Hughes with "Horse"
Thomson in Pataya in '86
Left: Tim "Magic" Hughes with Cecil Lee
in his garden in October 1987

I received a very sad e-mail from Peter Coeshott of Bangkok. It is with a VERY heavy heart that I must pass on the news that Tim "Magic" Hughes, founder of Harrier International, died on 23 January 1998. I've included a copy of the e-mail below. I have also included a copy of the e-mail I received as the "official" announcement from the Bangkok hash. Please join with me in raising a mug to the memory of Magic. On-on

Beaver Bam Bam Balls
Nittany Valley HHH
Webmeister, Harrier International

Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:21:44 +0700
From: Peter Coeshott (fba@loxinfo.co.th)
Subject: Tim Hughes
To: webmaster@harrier.org

Very much regret to tell you that Tim 'Magic' Hughes passed away  =
earlier this morning.

He had suffered a burst blood vessel in the brain a week ago and two =
days ago he was operated on for another burst blood vessel in the brain. =
He suffered a major relapse in the early hours of this morning.

Tim never regained consciousness during all his time in hospital.

There will be a funeral service in Bangkok but as yet the timings are =
not known. Naturally all are  welcome.

Please feel free use me as a contact for any questions or passing of =
messages, etc.

Tim has an elderly mother and a sister who is coming out from UK to =
Bangkok today.


Peter Coeshott =20

Anyone can use=20

Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 15:02:50 +0700 From: Tim Hughes (timhhh@mozart.inet.co.th) Subject: Tim "Magic" Hughes PHHHD To: webmaster@harrier.org From : Paul Mason To : Scott "BBBB" Kanzelmeyer I have been requested to forward the following Email to you from Tim's close friends and business colleagues who have formed a group to deal with Tim's affairs. We would be pleased if you copied any relevant email you receive to the below address so we can keep abreast of what is happening out there For the time being we will handle Tim's email address timhhh@mozart.inet.co.th and snail mail G.P.O.box 1670, Bangkok 10500 Thailand. Both the above addresses will be kept active for the near future To ensure correct information:- This is the "official" statement issued by Tim's business colleagues and the Bangkok Hash whom have been closely involved throughout Tim's hospitalisation. Quote We regret to announce that Tim "Magic" Hughes has suffered a major cerebal Hemorrhage on Thursday 15th January. After having undergone 2 major operations Tim has been pronounced as brain dead on friday 23rd. Body functions are currently being maintained on artificial life support systems. Unquote Funeral arrangements have not been put in place yet We will endeavor to continue sending Tim's Hash Handbook & Directory to outstanding recipients and to any that have orders in the mail. Please bare with us on this one whilst we are sorting out his effects. We would be pleased to answer any questions regarding the situation by email from hashers world wide and situation updates will be issued at the appropriate time. Signed Friends of Tim We would welcome your posting of this on Tim's page

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