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Message From Magic's Sister, Mango

I received this e-mail from Tim "Magic" Hughes' Brother-in-law, Miles, on behalf of Tim's family and his sister, "Mango". Please feel free to send messages to the family through the e-mail address below. Also, the second message is a suggestion from Miles on how Tim can be honored. On-on


Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 14:55:12 -0800
From: Miles Robert James Wilson (mrjw@dmu.ac.uk)
Subject: Re Tim MAGIC Hughes
To: webmaster@harrier.org

As his brother in law, and married to his sister Michele MANGO
Flewers(Wilson), I would be most grateful if you would please post to
his page that any condolonces and sympathy messages for his family to be
sent via  mrjw@dmu.ac.uk.

I am most keen to ensure that people in world wide hash circles can
contact us in the UK.

Many thanks.

PS MANGO     wishes the following message sent out on his page that Tim
will always be MAGIC to her.

Miles R Wilson

Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 08:12:54 -0800
From: Miles Robert James Wilson (mrjw@dmu.ac.uk)
Subject: Re: Re Tim MAGIC Hughes
To: Beaver Bam Bam Balls (webmaster@harrier.org)

Thank you so much from us all here in the UK with what you are doing in
the memory of brother Tim. Your messages and web pages exceed even my
expectations thank you all again.

The enclosed e-mail I sent out yesterday to KL as a suggestion. Can you
ensure that Neil Hutch GM in Bangkok sees this as we feel it will be a
fitting way to mark MAGIC's hashing days.

I have also written an appreciation/obituary for the British: DAILY

Subject:       Tim MAGIC Hughes
Date:          Mon, 26 Jan 1998 10:53:27 -0800
From:          Miles Robert James Wilson (mrjw@dmu.ac.uk)
To:            miklyon@pc.jaring.my

As you probably now have heard, Tim MAGIC Hughes, Harrier International
has sadly passed away in Bangkok.

I am his brother in law in the UK and his sister, my wife, Michele MANGO
(Flewers) now Wilson are both very distressed at the news as I am sure
you will realize.

There will be a funeral in Bangkok next week and at the current moment
in time I am in contact with them regarding this.

Because of MAGIC's commitment to hashing and the tremendous work he has
carried out over the years, both his sister and I wish to mark his
passing in the following way, and request your comments on same.

We are proposing that during Inter hash 98, a plaque be unveiled in the
club where hashing all began. This could be carried out by one of the
old hashers who I know that Tim was constantly in touch with, and who he
mention's in his 50th publications on hashing.

We feel that this event, at the time of Interhash would not only endorse
his work for hash but would also me a memorial for the family and all
who pass through the club in the years to come.

My background luckily is PR and with the many contacts  who I could talk
on this one I do not see this as a difficult event to (hash up).

Initially I would like your comments on the idea and look forward to
hearing from you..

I remain


Miles R J Wilson and MANGO

Tel +44 116 257 7348

Hope you are in agreement with this idea, let us know.

Miles R Wilson

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